Tutto quello che devi sapere per vivere e godere della movida di Teramo e dintorni. I migliori locali, pub, discoteche e tutti i consigli di chi la nostra provincia e i suoi piaceri li vive ogni notte.

di Andrea Nardinocchi e Luigi Franceschini


"... And we linger on this white sandy beach gazing at the horizon ... the waves caress the sand ... a gentle hot breeze massages our body ... behind us a cozy wooden bathhouse surrounded by a beautiful garden with luxuriant plants ... inside a smiling young man prepares our drinks ... the smell of fresh algae conjurs up sweet reminders ... time seems to have stopped here

A few days ago we hosted an interesting "round table" among several experts and managers of human resources whose subject was "The effective Employees' training".

An interesting study carried out by a student of the University of Teramo, Andrea Nardinocchi, stand out thanks to a very deep analysis on

As recently as the 1st of June 2016 we hosted an extraordinary conference whose subject was "Automatization".

It goes without saying that this event has turned out to be a huge success thanks not only to the professionalism of our staff in welcoming and pampering all of our guests and to the technicians to respond as quickly as none else would do to the needs of the conference's protagonists but also to the relevance

O nosso hotel oferece muitos servicios e com muita paixão.

Entre eles temos este servicio fundamental na epoca de globalização que estamos vivendo onde e' indispensável ser pronto a traduzir textos no âmbito das conferências e meetings devido à presença de hóspedes estrangeiros, especialmente de países latinos e Anglo Americanos.

Se você tiver que organizar um evento tão importante, o consultor de linguas de Latindjangohotel estará



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